Values of Craftmanshift

The brand is born from the acronym of Copertificio Biellese (Co.Bi. Cashmere), which has its roots in the experience of three generations of Caprioglio's in the production and trade of fine yarns.

The mill's foundations are based in the knowledge of processing noble fibers such as cashmere and the ability of enhancing their qualities to produce luxury household items for home.

The artisan production skills has been awarded in 2007 with the recognition of Artisan Excellence.

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The entire production is rigorously based on the philosophy of Made in Italy and is located  in Biella. The weaving, finishing and tailoring process is carried out directly at the factory located in Via Milano, Biella a city well known in the textile world.

The vertical production model guarantees constant control of the production phases, while the handmade finishes and the ability to create customized products are possible thanks to a fully handcrafted production.